In June of 2015, I was at an important crossroads in my life.

I carried 80 pounds of excess weight. I was unable to climb even a step stool, and to get to a second floor classroom, I had to take the elevator.

I was on multiple medications for

diabetes, asthma, thyroid, reflux,

and metabolic syndrome.

My medications in June, 2015                   


I am an MD by training, and I  practiced in India before coming to the United States. I knew what needed to happen to make my body healthy, but the how eluded me.

I tried so many ways to do it on my own with a variety of programs.  I was about to give up trying and just live with the many health conditions that kept me on all those medications, each with their own set of side effects.


In speaking with a friend about my frustrations, I learned that she is a certified health coach, and it wasn't long before she introduced me to  the wonderful system, "Habits of Health," that has transformed my life!

By June 2016, just a year after beginning my health journey, I had lost more than 70 pounds!

I was FREE of all my medications,

taking just one probiotic supplement

to maintain digestive health.

Today, I look healthy,  I feel great, and I can literally bound up flights of stairs.

Most important, I learned the healthy habits that will keep away excess weight and optimize my health … forever.

Like my friend who shared this wonderful program with me, I decided to pay it forward and become a Certified Health Coach. Now, I’m helping others to enjoy the same success that I’ve experienced! 

The programs I use are NOT “diets.” Diets DON’T WORK for long term health and success.

Instead, I introduce health programs designed to shed pounds quickly and safely. The program developer requires me to use this disclaimer: Average weight loss with "Coach Jaya" is 20 pounds.

Visit my testimonial page to see the results that others have achieved! You can see my own results, after my 70 pound weight loss, below.

​​and I love to help people get healthy.

I am a certified  health coach!

I can help you, even at a distance,

no matter where you are located in the US!

Shoot me a message today!

Are you inspired to take charge of your health?

​​​Jaya Prakash

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​* Average weight loss with "Coach Jaya" is 20 pounds. Average length the clients are on the plan is 3 months.

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