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Another wake up call was when I tried to update my will and living will and health care power of attorney! Wow, the sticker shock for Legal services was something else! .

As a health coach, I believe in relieving one of biggest stressers of this modern life! Identity theft!

 Nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft, according to a 2018 online survey by The Harris Poll.

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Just I as I am passionate about helping you get healthy, I am also passionate about giving you resource to protect your identity and have legal resources!

I became acutely aware of identity theft and its devastating consequence when a friend of mine had his identity stolen and a fraudulent driver's license was issued. It was just by happenstance that one of his banks got suspicious about one large check (more than $10,000) and contacted him. They had already cleared $10,000+ check!!!

That is when one of my clients (from health coaching) introduced me to LegalShield and IDshield!. I was at first skeptical, but then I saw the breadth and quality of the services rendered through the membership! Especially ID shield , for a cost of 2 cups of coffee a month, I got ID protection supported by one of the most respected ID protection firm, Kroll! Far superior than all those who advertise on TV!!

I saw the true value of it!

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